AYITIC Goes Global is an initiative of LACNIC and IDRC that sought to increase women's access to employment in Haiti by building digital capacities in the field of Information Technology and by strengthening internet development.

The project developed from 2017 to 2019 with the support of local partners: ESIH - Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti and Transversal, together with leading experts in digital learning from the Caribbean Open Institute.

Gender Transformation

Ayitic Goes Global started from the premise that women in Haiti face major challenges in accessing education, employment and the digital economy.

The project promoted the empowerment of its beneficiaries, not only by helping them develop their digital skills and supporting them in their insertion into the job market; the initiative also offered graduates workshops where they were able to discuss gender inequalities in Haitian society.

“As a woman, I now know that I must enjoy the same rights as men”
Sherline Francis

“This workshop helped me understand the difference between gender and sex, and between equity and equality”
Minouche Ulysse

“It allowed me to become aware of the challenges faced by young women, something I had previously completely ignored”
Fannéty Guercin


Laura Kaplan
Development and Cooperation Manager, LACNIC

Carolina Caeiro
Coordinator of Development Projects, LACNIC

Beatriz Irisarri
Development Projects Assistant, LACNIC

Max Larson Henry
Director, Transversal

Patrick Attie
Director, ESIH

Marlène Sam
Student’s and Employment Coordiantor, ESIH

Alda Berardinelli
Empoyment Coordinator

Maurice McNaughton
Director, Caribbean Open Institute

Yacine Khelladi
Researcher, Caribbean Open Institute

Priyanka Jain
Principal, 3x3 Design

Megan Marini
Principal, 3x3 Design

David Soutar
Director, Slash Roots Foundation

Matthew Mc Naughton
Director, Slash Roots Foundation



James Kelson Louis

Watson Sainvil

Berlyne Pierre

Obed Verneus

Stéphanie Joseph

Marie Changlais Aime

Berwith Francois

Louis Junior Bien-Aimé