Creating Professionals

One of the basic pillars of Ayitic, LACNIC's cooperation project in Haiti, was the strengthening of technical skills among Haitian professionals and the strengthening of local Internet infrastructure.

To meet this objective, Ayitic Goes Global offered tutored online courses for IT students and professionals. Close to 150 participants successfully graduated from the program, thus reinforcing the capabilities of the Haitian technical community and promoting the development of local infrastructure.

The experts who completed the courses received training on how to manage a network, security, how to operate a CSIRT, IPv6, DNS and other technical topics related to the Internet.

Ezechiel Destine, one of the graduates of the Ayitic Goes Global program, considers that the training opportunity led him to work as a developer for one of Haiti's major oil companies. “The program reinforced my knowledge of topics such as security strategies, data transmission security, encrypted connections and others.”

Jackner Jean Louis, another graduate of the technical courses offered by Ayitic Goes Global, stressed that the course allowed many young people to acquire knowledge in the field of ICT and to find job opportunities.

Ayitic helped Jackner update the knowledge he had acquired when he completed his degree in Computer Science back in 2013. This young Haitian professional stressed that Ayitic had allowed him to acquire notions of visualization, network monitoring, DNS and IPv6. “This program helped me to develop the ability to study online, without the presence of a teacher,” Jackner added.

Likewise, Kathy Bastien noted that the training offered by Ayitic was successful and rewarding. “I attribute the success of the training to the very enriching content of the program, the simulation of different scenarios, the hands-on sessions and the selection of experienced facilitators,” she concluded. The Ayitic program showed Kathy the importance of implementing a CSIRT in Haiti and motivated her desire to learn more about cybersecurity.

The courses helped young local professionals update their knowledge of network management and learn the basics of cybersecurity. Likewise, it is expected that trained professionals will be more competitive in the job market and that they will apply their skills in their respective jobs to help strengthen Internet development in Haiti in the medium and long term.