Voices of the Young Women Who Graduated from the Program

Fannety, Herdline, Jeruscha, Sherline and Minouche are young Haitian women who successfully completed the courses on digital skills and employability offered by the Ayitic Goes Global project. The five women are part of a network of 300 women aged 18 to 29 who received training through the Ayitic program designed to improve their access to online employment.

Having received no prior training in digital skills, the courses provided by Ayitic Goes Global changed the young women's perception of the opportunities that the Internet can offer.

Before registering for the course offered by Ayitic, Fannéty Guercin had never had the opportunity to learn how to develop digital tools. “As a result of this training, I was able to use e-learning platforms to acquire knowledge related to my field of study; I learned how to use digital tools and how to write a better resume to apply for a job opportunity,” noted Fannéty. She was able to apply what she had learned as part of a project and share her knowledge with other collaborators, working together remotely on shared documents.

She also had the opportunity to work with Ayitic's employment coordinator on the opportunities offered by online job platforms.

Herdline Casimir benefited from the training course offered by Ayitic on digital skills and the complementary workshops offered by LACNIC on gender issues and entrepreneurship. The course allowed her to explore a new job market she didn't know existed: online job platforms. While she was familiar with certain basic concepts of ICT, the course allowed her to strengthen her basic knowledge, learn new concepts and broaden her capabilities.

Herdline used what she learned to perfect her skills when applying for a job. “Thanks to this training and my internship at Ayitic, I am now well-prepared to explore online platforms and to look for job opportunities,” she explained.

Herdline was one of the interns working in Ayitic's employment department, where she supported other program participants in their search for employment opportunities through online platforms and helped them to complete the jobs they were able to secure. “I really enjoyed working as the advice they provided was very helpful, not only because they motivated us to apply to different jobs through online platform, but also because of their support and supervision when we found work so that we would ensure customer satisfaction and offer our clients an excellent job,” Herdline noted.

Jeruscha Fleurimond feels that having graduated from the courses offered by Ayitic is a privilege. “They allowed me to achieve a better understanding of the digital world. It was also a way to assess my ability to self-manage and to learn online with the help of a tutor,” she explains. Jeruscha admits that, at first, she thought that she would be unable to complete the course. “In time, however, I gained confidence and was able to do it,” she adds. She learned how to organize herself, how to better manage new applications, how to manage her digital identity.

Minouche Ulysse congratulated LACNIC because, in her opinion, this initiative has helped strengthen the digital capabilities of young Haitian women. Personally, the training helped Minouche to develop her digital skills and to question the traditional role of women in her country. “During the training, I learned how to use the Internet effectively, whether in my daily life or when looking for a job. I acquired strategies to access online job opportunities. I learned how to manage my time and never put off until tomorrow what I can do today. I also learned how to use social networks, whether for personal or professional purposes.”

Sherline Francis considers that Ayitic Goes Global was one of the best experiences she's had in terms of education, as access to technology is very limited for women in Haiti. “In fact, I had very limited knowledge of ICT, I did not have a full understanding of existing productivity tools, and I was not aware of what the digital world had to offer,” Sherline admits.

The training allowed Sherline to acquire knowledge in the field of ICTs as well as personal and professional skills. “I became a better version of myself, so this program was important to me and I hope it will continue,” she adds proudly. Thanks to the training she received through Ayitic, Sherline was able to work conducting surveys for two companies: Compassion International and Deka Group.

The course allowed Sherline to improve how she uses the Internet, to learn about the dangers that exist online, as well as “all the good things we can do using the Internet.”